Find out how to block SMS messages without installing anything

Find out how to block SMS messages without installing anything

You’ve probably had problems with SMS messages  on your phone. Blocking text messages can prevent you from filling your phone’s memory with annoying messages – both from your carrier and from unknown numbers, for example.

It is true that there are several applications available to block unwanted calls and text messages, but nothing better than being able to avoid this kind of contact without having to install anything, right?

On android

If your Android smartphone  is from a newer version of the system, we have good news for you: you can block text messages without installing anything!

To do this, just touch the native app app icon and then tap “More.” A menu with a few options will open and, among them, the “Block List” option is listed. Just type the number you want there and that’s it! However, it is worth remembering that some of the options listed here may have different names on your device, depending on the OS version and the manufacturer.

However, if your phone runs an older version of the system, these options may not be available. In that case, it’s worth downloading an app to be able to block annoying messages.


What about iOS?

If you’re an iPhone user , rest easy: you can also block text messages without having to install anything. Simply access the conversation with the unwanted number and touch the contact name. Then roll the screen to the bottom, and tap “Block this Caller”. This way, you will not receive text messages, voice calls, and Facetime from the contact in question.


Blocking carrier messages

Since 2012, Anatel has  banned mobile phone operators from sending text messages with advertising to their customers. If you receive something, the user must send “EXIT” to stop receiving these SMS .

However, if you’re receiving some unwanted content, it’s best to contact your carrier to see how to stop receiving text messages.