Career: Learn how to make the most of LinkedIn’s potential

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, although it is also a popular social network, LinkedIn is a bit different – it’s a network focused mainly on professional relationships. More and more companies use the tool not only to advertise job opportunities but also to research future candidates. We Brazilians, we are already 29 million users within the platform.

Each connection of a profile represents, on average, 400 new people so that you can be presented; 100 new companies and the possibility to apply for more than 500 vacancies! Interested? Do you use LinkedIn? A lot of people are there, but are you using the network correctly and in the best possible way to take advantage of everything it offers?

Many things are important and other things that are essential when setting up and managing your LinkedIn profile. The first caution – which may seem obvious to many people – is to have a photo. A profile without a photo greatly reduces the possibility of being seen on the network. According to LinkedIn itself, a profile with a photo is 21 times more viewed than one without a picture.

There is no right or wrong for the type of photo you should use on your profile. It is important to choose something that really has to do with you.

Along with the photo, the qualifications summary is one of the first things that recruiters read in a profile when researching candidates. A good summary consists of two or three paragraphs – no more than that – that tells you a bit about your professional life and that you mainly use keywords that describe your qualifications.

Photo and resume are halfway up, but to have a champion profile on LinkedIn, you need to fill it all out – without being too wordy, but filling in all the fields available at the time of registration. This will certainly make you more relevant within your network. One thing that many people forget or leave aside and is also indispensable is the location. Knowing where you live and is willing to work, sometimes, it is premise for the employer to start a search for candidates.

There are still people who confuse the LinkedIn profile with the curriculum itself. It’s definitely not the same thing. And it’s no use merely copying the information from one to the other and thinking that it will work. They are different things …

Another big misconception that has been observed in the behavior of the Brazilians inside the network is the people who come out adding everyone without much criterion. Your network is very important to your profile. And this story of how many more people, more opportunity to be seen and, consequently, better, is not true. You have to worry about the quality of your connections, not necessarily with the number of contacts.

And if you’re one of those who only runs to LinkedIn when you’re looking for a job, do not expect miracles. It is not how it works. I mean, it might work, but it’s not the rule. Like any social network, you need to keep your profile active …

Lastly, if you still have one more tip – and this goes for any social network and for all life: always be yourself. It’s not because LinkedIn is a professional network that you will try to show yourself differently there. Of course, you have to think professionally and have good judgment when it comes to publishing whatever it is or even to contact someone unknown, but integrity is imperative. Take advantage of these tips, review your LinkedIn profile and good luck – certainly making smarter use of the platform, opportunities will follow. Good luck…