US Army Orders Units to Stop Using DJI Drones

The drones  have become recently one of the most important weapons of armies  around the world, especially the United States . With these units , the military can conduct reconnaissance of dangerous locations and even organize lethal actions without endangering the lives of soldiers.

As reported by the website Your News, specializing in drone s, a memorandum Army US called for the use of drone s the DJI brand by units of the armed forces was discontinued. The measure has as a reason the increased risk of cybernetic vulnerabilities  with products of the Chinese company .

Memorandum from the US Army

Risky business

As of the date of this memorandum, both the army and navy of the United States used more than 300 of the DJI devices. In the case of ordinary drones , accessible to the normal public, DJI stored personal information on users in servers in the USA, China and Hong Kong, going from users’ data to photos and videos produced with the devices, to the exact positioning of the aircraft .

The company China said it was “surprised and disappointed to read reports about the sudden restriction of the US Army on the drone’s the DJI ‘

Also in May this year, its News published a report showing that the data recorded by the drone civil s of DJI came to be accessible through a simple search on the Google search engine, all without consent of users.

It is not known whether there is any connection between this leak of civilians of personal information and the real motive for the Army US have immediately banned the use of drone s the DJI. To be sought, the companyChina said it was “surprised and disappointed to read reports about the sudden restriction of the US Army on the drone ‘s the DJI, because we were not consulted in this decision.” DJI also reported that it will contact the military institution for further clarification.