North Korea says Trump has declared war on Twitter

Tension has increased and a tweet by the current US president, Donald Trump, is being taken as “declared war”. According to Ri Yong Ho, North Korea’s foreign minister, a message from Trump on Twitter is pretty much a declaration of war. In the case, Trump wrote that North Korea “will not be here for long.”

According to the minister, in saying that, Trump allows North Korea to have “every right” to defend itself, including the right to shoot US bombers who are flying close to the country – flights carried out by B-1B aircraft on the day September 23 as a demonstration of strength.

Trump already calls Kim Jong-un as Little Rocket Man

Many critics of the Trump administration have noted on social networks that this is actually just another case of “lack of filtering”: the US president posts Twitter posts without a previous evaluation of any team.

Another point that is worsening the situation: Trump already calls the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, like “Little Rocket Man”.

Trump war KoreaTrump’s message on Twitter

After the minister’s statement, White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders commented that suggesting the tweet as a “declaration of war” is absurd:

“We do not declare war on North Korea, and frankly, to suggest this is absurd. It is never appropriate for a country to fire against another country’s aircraft when they are on international waters,” he said.

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