Megapix will feature full Facebook movies and pay-TV sequel

Megapix will feature full Facebook movies and pay-TV sequel

The pay-TV channel Megapix is initiating a marketing action to attract younger viewers who are seduced by Netflix  and other streaming platforms. The broadcaster decided to broadcast blockbuster movies in full via Facebook and then air on the sequences of those works on pay-TV itself.

The idea is basically to attract Facebook viewers with the first movie in a saga and then show the continuation on the channel to try to transfer the audience from one platform to the next. Movies that have no sequels will have related works shown next.


This will be done every Saturday in August, beginning with “The Mercenaries” at 8:10 pm on Saturday, April 04. Once this broadcast ends on the social network, the channel will invite viewers to check out “The Mercenaries 3” on the Megapix channel For pay-TV.

Next Saturday, August 12, the program will be composed by two films starring Nicolas Cage. On Facebook, “Revenge at Dusk” starts at 8:05 p.m. At 10 pm, the Megapix “The Wizard’s Apprentice” starts on the channel.

The third double session will be on the 19th with “Beauty and the Beast” on Facebook at 7:55 pm and “Wolverine: Immortal” at 10:00 pm on Megapix. Finally, on the 26th, “Front Line” goes on the air at 8pm on Facebook and then “Relentless Search 2” appears on the channel again at 10pm.

Considering that this idea has a good effect on the pay-TV audience, it is possible that the practice will be repeated. But what do you think of this possibility of watching movies like these in the social network? Leave your opinion in the comments.