Internet pre – historic : as was the online flirting before Tinder?

Internet pre – historic : as was the online flirting before Tinder?

A few years ago, the whole world met Tinder  and discovered how easy it can be to find a girl or a special boy … OK, sometimes it does not even need to be a special person, but someone nice to have a good date, is not it? ?

Anyone who never had the guts to invite people to leave discovered a new way to do it much more easily. In a nutshell, apps like Tinder , Happn and the like have been very successful for a very simple reason: they have bureaucratized the novel (casual or not).

Scenes from “Mens @ act for You” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks (Play / Warner)

Those who lived in pre- Tinder times as well as in the apps world  know the differences in these lifestyles, but we can not say the same about someone who just started dating later. They probably could not survive in the chaotic world of ” retro virtual flirting ” – that includes that good old chat, huh !? .

Do not you know what we’re talking about? So check out some of the best moments in the virtualflirting world right now in the pre-application era – or reread those times if you’ve lived in them.

The Prehistory

Shortly after the popularization of dial-up Internet – between the beginning of the use of fire and the arrival of coal to industries – the whole world discovered that it was possible to use technology to talk to people without having to use the voice (then came WhatsApp  to This breakthrough).

At that time, however, it took the courage to ask for the bride’s e-mail in person. But not everyone was so fearless, so let’s move forward a bit in time. And as we are talking about romance, let’s do everything in poetry!

Ode to the virtual flirtation in nine acts

First act: the chat

In a slow internet time
Everybody was needy
He entered the chat
And picked out an indecent nickname.
It was to look in the contact list
And the end? I count it for you!
Speak privately …
“Hey! Hi, want you? “

Second act: the email

If the conversation unfolded
The emails soon exchanged
“mine is charmander_sk8r”
And neither were they ashamed.
Several messages, nice weather
But they canceled their provider
And a love that was forgotten
The ear proceeds without blanket.

Third act: the ICQ

Years later, email aside
“What’s your ICQ? I’ll add ”
Every Friday at midnight
The” oh-oh “we’re waiting.
Hit that cold in the belly
When the beloved appeared
“Send a photo,” you send
And she never answered!

Fourth act: MSN Messenger

Tremble the screen, send an
Offline Wink , online . “Hi, are you okay?”
You look for a new subject!
“9?” … But it does not!
One takes courage and calls to leave
A meeting will make you happy
But you had to uncheck
Woke up with pimples on the nose

Fifth act: Orkut

Navigating the communities
“Word of mouth or let it die”
You said that you would save
And with scrap she was thank you
Now they are already added
And exchanging testimonials
Every day are new messages
And feelings are coming

Sixth act: more Orkut (he deserves it)

The passion is turning love
It has until message on the cell phone
Of the 12 photos, nine are with her
Already have until date to marry!
But love has become trapped
Your heart has gone into the sewer
Your beloved’s Buddy Poke
Was kissing another boy!

Seventh act: sites of dating

Disillusioned with everything else
In dating site creates a profile
And seeks true love
Throughout Brazil
“See this mine! What a beautiful smile
And the description seems to match! ”
But it is not possible to send a message
For this you have to pay!

Eighth act: Facebook

Friend of friend marked in photo
Of course you went to look!
He saw some photos and was interested
“But how can I approach?”
You look and think and for minutes
Reflects in front of the screen stopped
Unfortunately it will not be this time …
Spoiled everything with the nudge.

Ninth act: the Tinder

It looks beautiful! LIKE!
You made a match!
“Hi, let’s go?”
“Let’s go”


Of course this is all a good-humored way of talking about it! The Tinder and other apps brought many novelties to consumers and therefore did so much success since it appeared on the market.

For women, this is all the more obvious as apps give them more freedom to say “no” without someone bothering them. Andrea Iorio (director of marketing and communication for Tinder in Latin America) says: “Before, men could send messages to anyone they wanted – regardless of whether the woman was interested or not in connecting with them.”

Today, this only happens if the woman herself inserts in the app that wants to connect to the guy in question. Ah … Swype also made a lot easier, right?