Blockbit expands portfolio as part of IPO strategy until 2020

Following the strategy of organic growth and through IPO mergers and acquisitions by 2020, Blockbit, a provider of cybersecurity products, announced the expansion of its portfolio with the launch of three products for the management and protection against security threats.

The first of these is the active protection platform for smartphones, the Blockbit Mobile app, which will be available in beta for free Android smartphones. It protects users from critical vulnerabilities and threats and prevents data loss. In addition to providing security against possible malware, spyware and viruses, Blockbit Mobile protects smartphones against malicious traffic on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks. The app can be used to protect corporate or home users.

And the newest feature is the world-famous Blockbit Global Security Management, which is a centrally managed product designed to meet the market demand for multiple networked security devices. Blockbit GSM consolidates and archives all connection records, access to internet applications, personal data and private communications content.

The product serves companies that have multiple organizational units in independent environments, allowing the standardization of device security settings from a central point. Blockbit GSM can also be used by network monitoring service providers and can be implemented directly in the NOC (Network Operation Center) of integrators.

The company also announced the latest version of its risk assessment and risk analysis platform, Blockbit Vulnerability and Compliance Management (VCM). Designed to monitor and manage potential security breaches, the product identifies changes in network and device configurations, suspicious activity and traffics, and improper user behavior, applying compliance policies to all IT assets.

The new products, in addition to responding to the sophistication of today’s cyber attacks, are part of the company’s growth strategy in the coming years. Blockbit, which posted 50 percent growth last year, expects to double its revenue this year – privately held, the company does not disclose financial data. According to Eduardo Bouças, global CEO of the company, in the first eight months of this year, revenues already exceeded the total obtained in all of 2016.

Blockbit was founded in 2016, following the acquisition of BRconnection by Cipher Group, Oria Capital and BNDES. Today, according to Bouças, 90{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47} of the company’s business comes from the network of about 140 business partners.