Bill Gates says he regrets the command Ctrl + Alt + Del

Bill Gates says he regrets the command Ctrl + Alt + Del

Ctrl + Alt + Del is a fundamental Windows command, one of the first things people learn when they move a PC. However, this could be different, according to Bill Gates. Microsoft’s founder says he regrets having created this function the way it became universally known.

The maneuver, which can not be performed with one hand, allows you to interrupt operating system functions and is an integral part of Windows. But if Bill Gates could go back in time, he would create a way to do that with the push of a button.

During a talk at the Bloomberg Business Forum , he blamed IBM keyboards in the 1980s. “The IBM PC keyboard had only one guaranteed way to generate disruption,” he said, adding that “the people involved had to include another make it work. Many of the machines these days have this as a more obvious function. ”

The point is, in IBM’s view, Ctrl + Alt + Del, needing both hands as needed, is a feature, not a flaw. At the time the shortcut was developed, an IBM engineer even thought about using Ctrl + Alt + Esc for the function, but he thought the feature could be dangerous since it could be accidentally activated with a single hand. By choosing Delete rather than Esc, you need to be aware of what you are doing.

It was with the advent of Windows 3.0 that the feature became truly popular. IBM made the command thinking of it as a BIOS feature, while Microsoft made the shortcut reach the users. The company also introduced the command as a security feature of Windows NT to sell the system to the US government. The shortcut was then used to open the login window, which made it difficult for malware to fake a password window to steal sensitive information.