Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma keyboard Review

The Razer is one of the most prominent brands in the gamer segment. With a wide range of peripherals and long experience in building devices that meet the needs of the players, the manufacturer has consolidated and created a complete line with models for each type of situation.

Among so many products, the brand has a keyboard that draws a lot of attention. Released in 2015, the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma is still one of the most sought after by gamers looking for a compact peripheral capable of delivering comfortable, state-of-the-art gaming.

Equipped with Razer’s own switches, RGB type lighting, macro compatibility, and various features required, this model promises competitive advantage for real gamers. It still comes out the front because it is a very small product, which can be great for those looking for portability. We’ve tested this keyboard and now let’s talk about its strengths and weaknesses.


Compact design for real players

With so many models of keyboards, Razer develops projects that can serve different consumers and embrace different proposals. As the name suggests, the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition is geared specifically to players who often take part in tournaments.

The great advantage of this product is the reduced size, which saves a lot of space on the table – and in the backpack. Without the presence of the numeric keypad, the player has in hand only the most important keys, but still in the regular layout of the other branded products.

In terms of design, the Tournament Edition is still a lot like the Elite, but because of the portable proposal, it has thinner edges that make everything a bit tighter. Also, the dedicated macro keys do not exist here, since the lean layout does not have room for more buttons.

It is notable that Razer has developed a somewhat minimalist design, with very striking lines. The design of the product is very convenient to ensure comfort during intense play, thanks to the high height at the back.

With this feature, the fingers are in a more comfortable position, but we think there was a lack of wrist support. For those who prefer, it is still possible to raise the height of the keyboard with the little feet at the bottom.

The quality of construction of this Razer also deserves attention. The materials are robust and prevent careless damage. The black color dominates the composition, and there are only translucent spaces on the keys and the icon of the mark to guarantee the passage of light. We like the positioning of the luminous items that indicate the activation of functions like Num Lock, Macro and FPS, which are well positioned next to the arrows.

Again, because of the limited space, the brand chose to keep the multimedia controls on the function keys (from F1 to F7) and, contrary to what we said in other products, it would not make sense to have dedicated keys here, since that would Against the product proposal.

The cable fits perfectly in a specific space on the back, but we have our doubts if it was not valid to have opted for a removable component. In addition, the lack of a USB hub is something that bothers, since this could facilitate in the matches, leaving the mouse connected directly to the keyboard. Overall, the design of the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition is quite comfortable and practical.

Razer Switches

Any saving of time, strength or command is important during professional gaming. It is not by chance that all manufacturers opt for mechanical type switches in their products, since these items guarantee competitive advantages already proven.

Mechanical switches require less force on the click, are independently activated (meaning that complex key combinations can be made) and return responses faster.

It happens that there are few quality manufacturers in the segment, and some have achieved exclusivity for certain technologies. Thus, for some time now, Razer has developed its own mechanical keys.

According to brand information, its components have proven consistent and ideal for intense gaming, with excellent performance and durability. With Razer technology and design, the Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma switches are suitable for any game.

In our tests, we were quite satisfied with the results presented. In fact, they require a minimum of strength and appear to be very resilient. However, the noises coming from typing annoy somewhat, but who plays with headphones will not even notice such clicks.

RGB Lighting

It is not today that manufacturers rely on backlighting systems to make the products look more daring, but the truth is that only a few peripherals rely on high-quality RGB-type technologies. Considering that we are dealing with a Razer, it is not surprising to see the functionality taken to its fullest.

In addition, the word “Chroma” added to the product name is due to compatibility with Razer’s unique technology for custom lighting. With this function, you can change the keyboard illumination in several ways, so it can match your mouse or the hardware components of your machine.

All in all, the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma has seven lighting options:

  • Breathing: the keys simultaneously turn on and off in a certain color, imitating a person’s breath;
  • Reactive: Each key pressed emits light and goes out slowly;
  • Spectrum cycle: all the keys are illuminated at the same time and have the color changed gradually, going through several shades;
  • Starlight: Some keys are lit randomly and fade out, mimicking the effect of the stars in the sky;
  • Static: Choose a background color for all keys;
  • Wave: An RGB color wave passes from one side of the keyboard to the other, with vertical lines, in an infinite cycle, so that all colors appear on the keyboard and alternate;
  • Propagate: Each key pressed generates a color spread to the opposite side or to all ends of the keyboard.

The brightness of the Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition keys is quite satisfactory, so even the weakest brightness level is enough to create an incredible color experience. The high-up keys ensure that the light does not leak through the edges, which avoids distractions to the player. Point to Razer!

Resourceful Software

As soon as we connect the keyboard to the PC, a window opens automatically and prompts you to install the proprietary Razer software to use all the features. The app called Synapse features an intuitive interface and enables uncomplicated adjustment of peripheral functions – including mice and headsets.

After installing the program, simply create an account and log in to use the functions. The options registered in the app are stored in the cloud and reloaded on any PC on which you connect your Razer and log in – and anyone who plays competitively may need this facility. This feature is welcome, since it avoids the reconfiguration of the product, something that demands time.

Razer Synapse has options to change the functions of the key, control the lighting of each button, create macros, configure the game mode and even monitor the activities in the games. With a dedicated statistics panel, this app ensures a better understanding of your profile during each title’s gameplay, which allows for better adjustments according to your playing style.

Worth it?

Razer hit squares again. Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma has a very specific proposal, but it shows very competent in its purpose. With a distinctive design and quite flashy, this is a peripheral quite suitable for those who participate in competitions and want a compact and quality device.

The quality of construction deserves to be highlighted, and excessive weight is a competitive advantage, since the keyboard hardly moves during the games. Keys with brand-own switches should last for a long time, with Razer technology making it much easier to play.

Of course, the compact layout may be a bit awkward at first, but players who do not need the numeric keypad should quickly get used to the reduced size. Perhaps, the only drawback is the lack of a wrist support, which would be welcome, since gamers spend many hours with their hands in the same position.

The customizable look with RGB LEDs makes the design very interesting and the possible settings ensure the combination with other peripherals. Because it’s a gaming-focused product, we’re not surprised by the lack of multimedia keys, but if you’re looking for everyday features, maybe other models will please you more.

The Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma is available in Brazilian stores for prices ranging from 830 to 900 reais. It is a really expensive keyboard, but it is important to note that we are dealing here with a premium piece focused on competitive games, this being one of the most prominent models in the segment. Recommended for those who play professionally and want to carry the keyboard in the backpack!