iPhone 8 has the worst line-up week since 2013

iPhone 8 has the worst line-up week since 2013

The first week since the release of the 8  and 8 Plus iPhones  finally passed outside. With this, companies are analyzing the market data to answer a question that is in the minds of many techies: how did the devices work in sales? Unfortunately, the answer is not very good.

According to information provided by the company Localytics , the new smartphones had a minimal adoption, with the iPhone 8 common taking 0.3{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47} of the market. In comparison, the iPhone 7  – which also did not do so well in its first week – had an adoption of 1{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47} while the iPhone 6  achieved expressive 2{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47}.

The good news is that at least the company’s big-screen model performed slightly better, but only compared to other smartphones on the same line. While the iPhone 8 Plus had 0.4{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47} adoption, iPhones 7 Plus and 6s Plus had only 0.2 and 0.3{7e39d0cb4f0b034783fbf1625ad806fd9c4f1bb2ab10795a2417f588e8be1e47}, respectively. Just check the chart below to understand better.

IPhone Sales Graph

Although these do not represent the definitive sales figures for the company (after all, Apple has  not reported sales figures for a few years), it is important to note that these were not the only factors reinforcing Apple’s lack of success. Another of the great examples of this were the famous pre-launch queuing of iPhones, which were reported worldwide as being much smaller than usual.

For many, the reason for all this is no mystery. After all, as the arrival of the iPhone X  in stores is weeks away, there are not a few to speculate that the public is just waiting for it. With that, it only remains to wait to see if the promising device will change the picture of constant drops that Apple smartphones have been presenting in recent years.

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